Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pro Bono Work

It is interesting to ask an attorney what he or she thinks about doing Pro Bono work. From discussions with my colleagues and attorneys that I have met from the big firms, most people do not even consider doing pro bono work as they have billable hour requirements and other commitments in addition to family matters and the rest of life. This mindset often leads to attorneys having a reputation for being focused only on money or the bottom line and not what is wrong with society.

One of my practice areas involves forming and aiding in the ongoing operations of tax exempt organizations as defined in the Internal Revenue Code. I already work with a number of churches, ministries, and other charities in this regard and I am interested in helping those organizations that would greatly benefit from 501(c)(3) status but who are not able to retain an attorney to do this work. Based on this, if you are a church, ministry, charity, organization, or any other group that has struggled with this area of the law, feel free to contact me at zieboldlaw@gmail.com or mziebold@ferruzzo.com. We can then discuss your organization and determine if I would be able to help you based on my current workload and my other Pro Bono commitments.